Monday, December 02, 2013

Mid-evening Minutia XVII

Loading up on the probiotics are a necessary consequence of eating too many white rolls, too much sausage stuffing, too much macaroni and cheese, too much gravy, too much Velveeta covered broccoli and too much pecan pie.

Thanksgiving shoppers suck.  Black Friday shoppers suck a little bit less, but only a little bit.  Shopping in hardware stores on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Utah is a blessed event.  There was a bathroom vanity and a can of primer with my name on them. 

Gorging on whole TV series on Netflix is the right thing to do unless you're gorging on Ghost Whisperer.  I feel horrible but I cannot stop!

The Walking Dead mid-season finale wasn't right.  It wasn't right at all. 

I've adopted another cat.  He's a ten year old sweetie who I think I'll call Baxter, unless I can think of something that fits his big cute face that's a little more crude. 

My current cats are sulking.  Even to the point that one cat wouldn't come out from under the bed for kitty treats when his whole life up to that point has been all about the kitty treats.

My Navy Manchild spent his first Thanksgiving away from home as a guest of a Navy family in Virginia.  He tried new food.  This is monumental!

Sitting next to the ultimate Hunger Games fan during her 16th viewing of Catching Fire doesn't make the plot of the movie any more dynamic.  She found all the book references hilarious and mouthed the dialog.  I'm allowed to make fun of this lady...I have three cats.

Increasing my intake of vegetables over the last two months has resulted in the loss of twelve pounds and my boobs.

James Franco and Seth Rogen are now on my celebrity crush list but only as a pair.  Separately they don't do much for me.

This year I'm hoping to get up my Christmas tree before December 22nd.  And down before Valentine's Day.  It's setting the bar high but I can jump.


  1. We just moved, something Pat & I had said we would NEVER do again. But I think I've said that after every move. YOu'd think I would learn to keep my mouth shut on that subject. Anyway, Christmas this year will be a bit different for us in the new place. All our kids except my Navy son have seen the new place, know where it is, so should be able to find it during the Christmas season. And the Navy son is meeting us next Wed for lunch and then getting a tour of our place before he goes to work and deploys to Greece sometime after the New Year. Our three cats are learning how to live here.

    1. I wouldn't mind making my cats learn to live in a new house...


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