Thursday, February 13, 2014


Greetings from my bathtub!

Seriously, I'm buck nekkid, in my tub, hair up in a bun, tablet in a Ziploc bag, vapo-rub up my nose, trying to soak out a germy little post for Valentine's Day.

See?  My view from the tub.

That's all the photo you're getting.  I can't aim the tablet camera towards myself naturally and keep it PG 13 anyway.  Sorry if that ruins your day of love.  You can always imagine my pasty lack of sunshine or my stretch marks.  You're creative like that.

My day of love is already down the tubes on account of much phlegm, coughing and fever.

My lover stayed home from work today.  Sometimes he wore his pants and sometimes his pants interfered with his napping.  There is no sound that can compare to the sonorous snore of nasal congestion.  When I wasn't thinking about how sexy that was I was listening to my old cat, Baxter, snore in harmony.  He's missing teeth so he gets runny noses too.

My head is starting to feel like a campfire marshmallow so even though my husband will also be staying home tomorrow, there won't be anything happening worth mentioning besides marathon watching season 2 of House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey can join me here in this tub.

I wouldn't mind sharing a germ or two with him.

He might even think vapo-rub is hot.

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