Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I'll fiddle with my twiddle and diddle with the middle and make a magic riddle that'll turn the giant little.

My fifteen year old son has discovered Dungeons and Dragons.

We took him out to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory last month and a roaming balloon artist made him this:

Neither the dinner or the hat has anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons specifically, I'm just illustrating what kinds of goings on in this kid's brain makes D&D an attractive pastime. 
Today my son went straight after school to a friends house to engage in Satanic frolickings until way past dinnertime.  He asked permission and I said that he might go if he didn't have any homework and he called from a land line.

There are worse things a fifteen year old boy could be doing and just because that fifteen year old plays D&D, it doesn't mean he's precluded from doing them.  That's why I tell him to call from a landline.  They don't install corded telephones up in the hills three miles outside of town where the kids go to drink beer and abuse abandoned mattresses.  He stayed at his friends house and had make believe adventures along with chips and bean dip.
What I'm happy about is that now, more than ever, a boy who likes all kinds of nerdy and geeky stuff is allowed to like that stuff.  Or a girl.  People who love D&D don't have to hide the fact.  They can loudly proclaim, "Bow to your Dungeon Master!" and you would be obligated to roll a twelve sided die to find out how much groveling you should be doing.

You don't have a twelve sided die?  You've got to grovel long and low for that infraction.

We bought him this T-shirt for his birthday:
He looks appropriately skinny in it.

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  1. My older son, the one who this month will hit his 18 year anniversary in the Navy, was a D&D player. He had a lot of fun with it and there is some interaction in person with others, although there now may be ways of just playing it online. I do remember that he spent quite a lot of money on D&D books. You are right, there certainly are worse things teenagers can get involved in spending time doing.


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