Monday, September 15, 2014

Goodbye Ma Duggar. I love you.

I'm about to do a risky thing.
It's something I've been mulling over for a while.  At least three years.  There were always reasons not to do it.  It's too big of a change.  It will affect the kids.  We can't possibly live this way.
But, I think we can live this way.
It will be a shock at first.  Old habits die hard.  The kids will certainly be affected.  There may be tears.

It has to be done.
I'm going to cancel cable and honest, we'll be just fine.
This week one of my projects is to go over the budget for the upcoming school year.  When you live on a public school teacher's income from time to time it's good to comb over the money so you just don't go and blow it.
Cable TV.  It's blowing.

We can afford it and it's nice to spend ten minutes scrolling through a menu trying to decide what to watch, but ultimately we're not watching.  We're bored. 
Breaking Bad is over.   Mad Men is about done and I can hold on until it shows up on Netflix.  Sunday nights without the Walking Dead?  We'll figure it out.  No Duggars?  My lip is quivering a little...

Jon Stewart's on Hulu Plus for a substantial savings every month.

And Downton Abbey, Downton Abbey is only a PBS station away.  That Earl of Grantham is one sexy sexy man.  So is Mr. Bates but I think he's hiding more dark dirty secrets and Anna is going to become prostrate with betrayal.  At least three of them will get killed off.

Not even Sharknado can convince me to stay plugged in.

I plan on updating my readers and other hangers on about this decision around mid January.

The delirium tremens should be over by then but that's when the cravings will be at their worst.

Maybe I'll learn to knit this winter.


  1. I cut the cord several years ago and love it. I watch what I want, when I want with very little trouble. I use a Roku on my TV. The only problem is CBS shows.

  2. We've never had cable. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and the occasional Redbox fill screen time adequately.

    We don't even own a TV! Just a computer with an adequately large screen.

  3. We've never had TV, we have a TV that the kids watch videos on, sure not paying for cable save on the budget, but the biggest perk I've noticed is that videos and Netflix (etc) don't have commercials!! My kids get the 'gimmie gimmies' (Bernstein Bears) when they watch television at grandma's house and see all the cool new "as seen on TV' ads for crap. I don't buy the crap, but I like not having to listen to the asking for crap.

    1. When my boys started in on that, we threatened to buy them Barbie dolls. They stopped.


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