Monday, September 01, 2014

No one has announced that Wil Wheaton will be showing up, so I'm not going to bother with makeup.

I've got maybe a half hour to post before I have to head back to my sewing machine.

Salt Lake Comic Con is next week.  It's expected that my family will go in costume since I'm the fool who has been sewing them for more than half my life.  I've been snorting lint for several days.  I'm high on rayon.
I haven't done too bad in recreating these from some video game I don't play:


And this thing from a cartoon and video game or fan-fiction or cosplay or whatever other media this hails from that I don't watch or play or participate in:
I'm making myself a costume.  I was enthusiastic about it once.  Now I'm just hoping that it will cover all the parts of my body that Utah requires.

If I keep covering myself in sewing lint I can just go as a tribble.

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