Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I sit on my stripey butt and comment on blogs...

Welcome new housewives and other hangers on...I'm Becky.  I'm a housewife.  In a month I'll be forty years old.

I don't mind turning 40.  Really.  My crow's feet have landed on a face with over twenty years of marriage and parenting experiences.  This is unlike my stretch marks which just barged right on in without caring where they landed.
My youngest is nine.  You'd think the stretch marks on my butt might have faded by now, but no they have to stay obnoxiously purple.  I suppose I could consider them a mutant style super power.  They are the reason you could eat off my kitchen floor and why my toilets sparkle.

Some of you liked my page today based on a comment I made on this article:
...and I thank you because obviously I have this housewife thing right down.  Since my kids grew out of toddlerhood my housewife success has increased by at least 80%.  Suddenly my children can converse instead of scream and that's been an immense help around the house.

My children, all sons, are now 20, 15 and then the 9 year old.  This makes me the old mom.  This makes me the mom that tells the new moms that they don't really need a $200 diaper bag because it's SOOOOO CUTE or a teeny blender to make baby food out of avocados and steamed jicama.  I'm the mom that says it's okay to pull boogers out of your kid's noses so they look presentable at the grocery store.  I'm the mom who thinks that if they eat dirt that it's good for their immune systems (probably the boogers too.  Don't repeat that.)  I'm the mom who once served cake and ice cream for dinner.

I have advice to give.

You're welcome to it, I guess.

What else have I got to do all day around here?  ;)

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