Monday, October 20, 2014

Yeehaw Kiddies!

I'm winding down a week earlier than I usually do for my Halloween sewing this year.
Not only that, but this has been one of the more productive and adorable Halloween seasons I've ever had as a seamstress.  First, I'd like to pimp out my business page.  I'd like it if you liked it.  Pretty please with a cow boob on top.

Then I'd like to show off three versions of adorable.  Pin them.
Lucy Ball

Sunshine Fairy

Little Red Cowgirl
Then I'd like to apologize for foregoing my yearly Halloween tradition of posting farm animals in less than Kosher positions.  Usually that's what I do when I'm busy hovering over my sewing machines and I figure I should apologize for something.  Now, if I hover over my sewing machines, it's because I want to and not because I have to get done by Halloween!

Maybe I'll surprise my readers and other hangers on with farm animals around August

Yeah, pictures of goats around August sounds mighty fine.

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  1. I still like the French maid costume best but of course it is shown on a great model. As to farm animals, there is a company in Seattle called Rent Your Goats that rents and delivers a small herd to clear land. They do a good job on clearing wild black berry bushes, which are rather hard on people to get rid of.


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